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Name: kt.
age: eighteen.
location: lynchburg, virginia.
fav. Milk chan Character: milk chan!
Why do you like Milk chan: i can't explain it. it must be some advanced psychic mind-control.
Rate super_milkchan from a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best) what do you give it: i give it a 8.5. doesn't seem too active at the moment, but i chose it out of all the other communities, so that should mean something :3
Do you like [adult swim], and if so why, and whats your fav. other cartoon show: i do like adult swim, mainly due to my insomnia. my past favorite show on adult swim was cowboy bebop. i must admit, i'm not an huge anime fan, but i really liked that show. i wish adult swim would take on 'sifl and olly', but i don't know if they could, considering it's sock puppets and not a cartoon :/

Put a picture of your fav. character:

anyways, hello everyone :3
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welcome. and thank u for joining. This community will be up and going soon. It's just that i have college to deal with :p
i understand completely :3 i'm getting ready for my next semester, so i'm crunched on time as well :3